On the road with public radio

Laura Shine WFPK

Photo of Laura Shine courtesy of WFPK

On a long road trip, is public radio your backseat companion? With over 900 local stations to choose from, you’re practically guaranteed that unique local programming is just a turn of the dial away.

Next time you pass through Louisville, Kentucky, be sure to tune in to its local station WFPK. In an interview for GadlingLaura Shine, WFPK’s Assistant Program Director and Local Music Liaison, spoke about the Louisville music scene and the station’s role in helping shape it.

In her interview, Laura talks about stations’ role in supporting the local music economy and emerging artists. She says:

Air-play is still a big part of a band’s exposure to an audience which translates to CD or download sales of their music, being booked into local venues, local venues asking us for recommendations for opening acts for national artists in town and the connections that grow from there.

You can read the full interview, and stream a playlist curated by Laura, on Gadling’s website.


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