Alaska loves public radio

KRNN had no trouble squeezing all of this public radio love onto one stage at last week’s Alaska Folk Festival.

The station is one of three public radio stations in Juneau, Alaska, and broadcasts the annual Alaska Folk Festival live to those who might not be able to enjoy the performances in person. Now in its 39th year, the festival brings together artists from across the state for a week-long celebration of music, and KRNN is front and center helping build the community of music appreciators. KRNN even launched a video stream for the first time this year, which was warmly received by its listeners.

It’s traditional to close out the festival by having many of the week’s performers get on stage and sing “Good Night Irene” – and that’s when KRNN snapped this  great shot.

KRNN is dedicated to playing a range of music that its community can’t find anywhere else on the dial, including folk, classical, jazz, world, and even kids’ music. One of its most popular offerings is a series of weekly in-studio performances with local artists who share their music as well as the inspiration behind their craft. Most of its shows are hosted by local volunteers, and it supplements these local programs with a variety of national programs throughout the week.


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