Live from Hochstein with WXXI

WXXI Chroma Piano Trio

Where else would you be able to enjoy a free weekly concert from some of the world’s most accomplished musicians if it weren’t for public radio stations? WXXI in Rochester, New York does just that – every Wednesday during the spring and fall, the station broadcasts Live from Hochsteinthe longest running live broadcast concert series in Western New York. The series, hosted by Mona Seghatoleslami, gives downtown business people, teachers, families, students and friends an opportunity to enjoy classical music during their lunch break.

This past week, WXXI hosted a special Public Radio Music Month performance with New York’s Chroma Piano Trio, whose performances The New York Times has described as “vigorous, carefully shaped… [and] polished… with elegance and energy finely balanced.” The ensemble, comprised of Nurit Pacht (violin), Caroline Stinson (cello), and Priya Mayadas (piano), showed their appreciation for public radio in the shot above, accompanied by Mona.

Listen to their full performance here.


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