Widespread Panic performs in-studio at WFPK

Members of Widespread Panic and Bloodkin at WFPK--Louisville. Photo courtesy of Joshua Timmermans

Members of Widespread Panic and Bloodkin at WFPK. Photo courtesy of Joshua Timmermans.

Jam band rockers Widespread Panic have spent a lot of time on tour, logging over 200 gigs a year at one point. With that much time on the road, it’s no surprise that they’re huge public radio fans.

Band members John Bell and Todd Nance stopped in Louisville, Kentucky’s WFPK for an exclusive, members-only performance last Wednesday before the second night of their run at the Louisville Palace. Joined by longtime Athens friends and collaborators Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter of Bloodkin, Bell and Nance played a few tunes for the assembled station members and chatted with WFPK host Laura Shine.

When asked about what public radio has meant for the band, front-man John Bell said he was grateful for the “consistent support” that Widespread Panic has received from local stations over the years. He especially appreciated the role of local curators in public radio. “There’s some creativity that the DJs and the program directors at the individual stations get to craft. It’s a much warmer atmosphere,” said Bell.

Check out the entire performance and interview at WFPK.


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